State Road 836 / Pamletto 826 Interchange

If you’ve spent time in Miami and driven basically anywhere, you’ve probably used some of the main expressways. You would very quickly notice that the demand for highways is pretty large in city such as Miami. One of these main highways that you’re likely to have been on is the 1. State Road 836 (Crossing Miami from the Everglades to the Beach) The amount of … Continue reading State Road 836 / Pamletto 826 Interchange

Krome Avenue Reconstruction Project

HROD / Metric Engineering Partnership Oversaw the duration of the Project. SR 997 was delivered successfully. Started in 2016, this two-year long project was desperately needed in this area of South Florida. Looking back at years prior, the Krome Avenue conditions were treacherous. There minimal to no lighting throughout the majority of the avenue. The road was a one-lane, two-directional path that claimed the lives of many people. Due to the heavy traffic that was often seen in rush hour, this project could not have had a better reason to begin. Continue reading Krome Avenue Reconstruction Project