Miami Formula One Grand Prix 2022

Miami F1 Friction Paving Operation

After having worked on a variety of projects throughout South Florida, HRODcei is proud to have worked on the Miami Formula One Grand Prix Circuit. In a joint venture, Hard Rock Stadium alongside Formula One, set out to develop this state-of-the-art circuit in less time than previously attempted around the world. This semi-permanent race track allowed us to bring our expertise in road construction and apply it to the highest levels of scrutiny that a Formula One circuit undergoes.

F1 Miami Grand Prix T-14 & T-15 Chicane

This project included the complete re-profile of major Florida Turnpike Access Ramps / Roads, newly constructed track surface over 15’ higher than the previously existing swale between two Turnpike Ramps, and last but not least, cutting edge asphalt friction course placement. Also included, roadway reconstruction, widening, overbuild, and milling / resurfacing, complex MOT / traffic switches, kerb concrete pavement, ACO drain installations, crash walls, retaining walls, debris fence, demucking, micro-milling, earthwork, drainage improvements, lighting, signalization, F1 communications, sidewalk improvements, utility coordination / relocation, signing and pavement markings.

Miami Grand Prix at Hard Rock Stadium

We are grateful to have played a part in what will be the Miami International Autódromo for the next 10 years. The first event was an absolute spectacle and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for the rest to come!

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