Krome Avenue Reconstruction Project

Friction 2Started in 2016, this two-year long project was desperately needed in this area of South Florida. Looking back at years prior, the Krome Avenue conditions were treacherous. There minimal to no lighting throughout the majority of the avenue. The road was a one-lane, two-directional path that claimed the lives of many people. Due to the heavy traffic that was often seen in rush hour, this project could not have had a better reason to begin.

The work was interesting considering what the team arrived to at the very beginning of the contract. There was much to be done considering the location and environmental conditions of the surrounding areas. The canal to the West and the swamp to the East, laid out the workload for the contractors at the very beginning. The de-mucking and preparation of the new portion of Krome Avenue was evidently more crucial than the reconstruction of the old portion.

With the project split into 3 phases, the team had to communicate extremely well with all corresponding parties and agencies to ensure that this work could be delivered as promised. With the end-goal in sight, the cooperation of the contractors, and the great support from the Department, the issues that arose were quickly discussed and handled accordingly, making the project flow smoothly with few to no interruptions.

Thanks to the effectiveness of not only the HROD team but also the other firms and agencies that played a part in this achieved result. The project was a great learning experience for the HROD team, we will it bring along with the addition of previous experience to future work.

Friction 1
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