State Road 836 / Pamletto 826 Interchange

If you’ve spent time in Miami and driven basically anywhere, you’ve probably used some of the main expressways. You would very quickly notice that the demand for highways is pretty large in city such as Miami. One of these main highways that you’re likely to have been on is the

The amount of people who commute to work on this expressway is rather astonishing. The idea of paying a little extra to save a little time is an easy bargain when you consider that time is one of our most valuable assets. This highway leads to a key part of Miami’s tourism and workforce, Miami Beach. The value for adequate means of transportation for tourists and locals alike was clear. HROD CEI is proud to have contributed to the construction of this expressway in partnership with MDX (Miami Dade Expressway Authority)

Most locals also recognize the fact that the expressway has been under construction for a while but rest assured that the finished product will be great and will effectively move the traffic that we so commonly see in this interchange with the following highway.


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